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Club Open !

Please be re-assured that the committee are monitoring the situation very closely and despite the recent tightening of restrictions on social gatherings, we can confirm that this does NOT currently affect our shooting at East Grinstead.  Provided you don't come to the club in groups of more than six, and everyone observes our Covid-19 safety protocols while you are on the premises, everything can carry on as before.

The range is open on a regular basis on Tuesday & Friday evenings for indoor shooting, including air pistol. From the end of October we will be open for shooting on BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

Sessions are now available to book right up until Christmas (22 December). See Calendar for details. [Link to Calendar].

Outdoor Range

The bulk of the refurbishment work is now complete – just some painting and general tidying up left to do. Once again, a huge thank you to all those who gave up their time to make it happen. Note to TALL members – watch your head on the new beams

There is just ONE session each day with a maximum of 6 places available;  2 @ 100yd, and 4 @ 50m.  There should be plenty of time to get through up to 5 details, allowing shooters to take a break part way through if need be.

If you want to shoot a Dewar set ie both distances, please book a 100yd slot and the Duty Officer will arrange the individual details on the day.

Indoor Range

We have now increased range capacity to 3 shooters at a time, typically using one firing point to the left of the dividing wall and two on the far side.

Evening - There are 3 sessions each evening, but only 3 places on each.  You should have enough time to shoot 3 cards per session. 

Weekend - There will be 4 sessions each day, but only 3 places on each.  You should have enough time to shoot 3 cards per session.

Air Range

The Air Range will be open at the same time as the indoor range both mid week and weekends.

There are 3 sessions each time, but only 2 places on each.  Timetabling is slightly different for the Air range as changeover between sessions is a much simpler exercise.  

Full details of the new timetabling for both indoor, outdoor and air ranges can be found here. [Link to Timetable]

Booking a Firing Point

Before booking a place you need to read the Covid-19 Procedure. This is the full version. A simplified (one page) version is avilable at the club.

Book an appointment with EGTSC

Once you've done this there is a quick link on the Home nemu

New Members

We now have a protocol in place for welcoming new shooters to the club and there is a significant level of interest from potential new members. We have already had several visits; some police checks are under way and a waiting list is forming for training to begin.

Competitions Update (22/10/2020)

As of 22 October we have received the following information regarding extensions, timetables and cancellations for this and future seasons.

Winter Season 2019-20

Most competitions have finished but there are a few exceptions:

  • Congratulations to Malcolm Brain and Trevor Wilde (Prone Rifle) & Michael Arditti (Air Pistol) who all qualified for the final of the delayed 2020 NSRA/Eley competition. The final will be a postal shoot with a closing date of 30 November.
  • * LAST CALL*
  • The Sussex finals, are almost finished. If you haven't shot them, you must do so by the end of the month.
  • * Good News *
  • The City of London finals, originally scheduled for April, changed to a postal event and then cancelled have now been re-instated due to popular demand.  They will be run on a postal basis.  Cards are available now and finalists have until 22 February 2021 to shoot them.
  • I have it on good authority that the delayed Eastbourne finals, including the Coronation Cup and Clayton Bowl, will take place. No information yet on the how and when. Watch this space.

Winter Season 2020-21

Please use the online booking system to register your interest in taking part in one or more of the Winter competitions.

  • Entries for the 39th Annual Prince William of Wales shoot will close on 25 October.
  • Sussex Cup Competitions – Entries are now being accepted for the following competitions – Closing date 29 October:
    • Lawson County Championship
    • Loder Shield
    • Hardy-Roberts Trophy (Veterans, Over 60 Individual)
    • Henfield Plate (Veterans, Over 60 Club Team)
    • Horrill Trophy (average 95 & below)
  • Sussex Individual Time Limit League - Closing date 29 October.
  • * December Entries *
  • The NSRA/Eley 2021 competition has been announced.  Entries will close 16 December. Stage 1 to be shot by 25 January 2021; Stage 2 by 10 May 2021.  Finals details will be published with stage 2 results and may be postal or shoulder-to-shoulder at Bisley depending on the Covid-19 situation at that time.

* Other Competitions *

  • Worthing & West Sussex SBRA have announced they will be running a Winter 20-21 Individual Postal Open. There will be separate 50m, 100yds & Dewar competitions shot in classes. Entries will close 19 February 2021, cards to be shot by 31 March 2021. See NSRA website for more details and entry forms.

Entries Closed - Further details will be published when the stickers arrive.

  • Sussex County - cards are now available in your slot.
  • City of London - cards are now available in your slot.
  • Eastbourne (League, Coronation Cup & Clayton Bowl)
  • NSRA
  • West Kent

Competitions NOT running

  • Croydon 
  • Meridian

No information yet

  • Portslade & West Hove 

The club has adopted a policy of supporting our local leagues by entering at least one team (if possible) in all competitions.

Further information on the Winter season will be published here and/or distributed to members as it becomes available. Please watch this space.

NSRA Scorers Courses

Further details of the course are here.

I have booked the club for Sunday 25th October for the next course.

If anyone is interested in attending please let me know. Covid19 secure procedures will be in place.

If you are interested in attending a course, please contact Mike Kettle.

Latest Competitions Update here.


FREE DONATION for East Grinstead TSC whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday. 

Full details available here.

Rifles for Sale

There are a few members rifles for sale, so if you are in the market for your own rifle, speak to Peter Watson who will be able to advise.

Club Classified Ads

The club uses Sport Shooters Clubhouse for this purpose.