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Club Re-Opening

Outdoor Range

We are pleased to announce the availability of further sessions on our outdoor range which are available to book now:

  • Saturday 15 August, and
  • Sunday 23 August .

Each day has 2 sessions with a maximum of 6 places available each time;  2 @ 100yd, and 4 @ 50m.  The morning session is 3 details, the afternoon session will be 2 details.

If you want to shoot a Dewar set ie both distances, please book a 100yd slot and the Duty Officer will arrange the individual details on the day.

Indoor Range

We are delighted to be able to announce the re-opening of our indoor range.  The following sessions are available to book now:    

  • Tuesday 18 August, and
  • Friday 21 August

There are 3 sessions each evening, but only 2 places on each.  You should have enough time to shoot 3 cards per session.  Full details of the timetabling were sent out in a recent email to members.

Air Range

The Air Range will be open at the same time as the indoor range.  
Once again there are 3 sessions each evening, but only 2 places on each.  Timetabling is slightly different for the Air range as changeover between sessions is a much simpler exercise.  Full details were sent out in a recent email to members.

Before booking a place you need to read the Covid-19 Procedure. This is the full version, a simpified version will be issued shortly.

Book an appointment with EGTSC

At the moment, sessions are only available to members who have their own kit.  We expect to be able to announce arrangements for members who don't have their own kit in the very near future.

Competitions Update (13/08/2020)

As of 13 August we have received the following information regarding extensions, timetables and cancellations for this and future seasons.

Winter Season 2019-20

Most competitions have finished but there are a few exceptions:

  • Extensions have been granted for NSRA competitions until 31 August so it will be some time yet before we get the final results from rounds 9 & 10 for these competitions.  
  • The deadline for stage 2 of the NSRA/Eley competition has been extended until 21 September.  The final will change to a postal shoot on the home range with a closing date of 30 November.
  • The Sussex finals, postponed from 4 April, will now take place as postal competitions.  Cards are being prepared and will be available shortly with a red date of 24 October.  Those involved will be notified separately.
  • We await further information regarding the Eastbourne finals

Summer Season 2020

  • The NSRA have cancelled all team and individual leagues for the Summer season
  • West Kent rounds 1-3:  This competition had already started and extensions were granted until 1 June.  The situation was to be reviewed in May but lockdown obviously postponed this and we are still waiting further information.
  • WWSSBRA Summer Individual Postal Open 2020.  Closing date for entries 24 August. Competitions are: 5 cards @50m, 5 cards @ 100yd, and/or 5 Dewar. Entry form here.
  • Bideford TSC are also running a Summer competition.  Closing date for entries, 30 September, shoot by 31 October.  Details from their website, www.bidefordtargetshootingclub.org
  • We are not aware of any other Summer competitions at the moment.

Winter Season 2020-21

  • Entry forms have been received from Sussex County and the Polar Bear Leagues for the competitions shown below.  It is now possible to register an interest in taking part in one or more of these competitions using the same online system we use for booking shooting sessions.  Instructions have been emailed to all members.
  • The Polar Bear League will be running their usual 50m competition this Winter.  Closing date for entries is 21 August.  Shooting dates for rounds 1 & 2 to be announced later.
  • Sussex County have announced 25yd prone and 10m air pistol competitions for the Winter season.  Closing date for entries is 31 August.  
    • The 25yd prone league will be over 10 rounds (rather than the usual 14).  Shooting is due to start in November with a likelihood of some flexibility in the deadlines for shooting the early rounds.
    • The Air Pistol competitions shown below are also available (the shooting timetable has yet to be published):
      • 10m Individual League over 8 rounds
      • 10m Team League (may be shot concurrently with the Individual competition) over 8 rounds
      • 10m Individual Supported league over 8 rounds
      • Plumpton College Cup
  • The City of London have consulted clubs on how best to organise their competition this season to maximise participation.  More news as and when available.
  • At the beginning of lockdown, the NSRA proposed starting the Winter season in October, running through to April 2021.  This has not been confirmed, but the other announcements recently would fit in with this timetable.

Further information on the Winter season will be published here and/or distributed to members as it becomes available.  Please watch this space.

NSRA Scorers Courses

Further details of the course are here.

If you are interested in attending a course, please contact Mike Kettle.

Latest Competitions Update here.


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Full details available here.

Rifles for Sale

There are a few members rifles for sale, so if you are in the market for your own rifle, speak to Peter Watson who will be able to advise.

Club Classified Ads

The club uses Sport Shooters Clubhouse for this purpose.