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Various useful downloadable files.

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Written by Administrator on Friday March 23, 2018

Subscriptions etc

For 2018 / 2019 (from 1st May) Annual subscriptions can be now be paid via the club's online eShop . By using the eShop annual subscriptions can be paid direct into the club's bank account. This is the preferred online method as it doesn't cost the club any bank charges. Select Online …

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Written by Administrator on Thursday April 26, 2018


Indoor .22 smallbore rifle 25yds range consisting of 8 firing points. 10m and 6yd air rifle and pistol range. Outdoor range with 50m and 100yds targets. We have a total of 18 outdoor firing points which can be varied from a 50/50 split of 50m and 100yd ranges through to all …

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Written by Administrator on Monday April 21, 2014