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Bisley Easter Meeting 2017

15 Apr 2017

(Photo: Tim Green in the white hat settles in for victory at Bisley)

Bisley - “Reload Swiss” Easter Meeting 15/16th April 2017

Tim Green, Rifle Captain of the East Grinstead Target Shooting Club, again took part in this annual event at Bisley and won the 900/1,000 yards Long Range Aggregate and the Grand Aggregate (overall winner) with efficient Target Marking all round. Tim used excellent ammunition provided by “Reload Swiss” who also sponsored the whole meeting.

The wind conditions over the whole weekend were very tricky with fast changes in wind strength and angle leading to relatively low scores overall.

Tim Green’s Target Rifle results were: -

Competition Ranges Score Position
1 300/500/600 yards 102.11 4th
2 900/1000 yards 88.3 1st
3 300/500/600 yards 142.8 12th
4 900/1000 yards 137.7 2nd
5 Short range Aggregate 244.19 6th
6 Long Range Aggregate 225.10 1st
7 Grand Aggregate 469.29 1st

Report:Tim Green

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