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31 Jan 2015

The club held a coaching session for members on Saturday afternoon.

Several members benefited from a session on the Scatt machine with detailed analysis of their shooting leading to useful pointers on how to develop there technique. The image below gives a small part of the Scatt screen which shows how the group is developing as the session progresses. The pink shot is the last shot taken by the shooter. The yellow cross is the location where the rifle was pointing at the time the shot was released.

The next image gives the trace screen the individual shot given above. The length of trace recorded by the software is adjustable. This can be set fairly long so that the play back shows a lot of the shooters approach to the shot and assists in detailed analysis with the shooter after the session.

The green trace shows where the barrel is pointing during the development of the shot. The yellow trace is the last second before the shot is released. The blue trace is the last third of a second before the shot is released. The yellow cross noted above is also there but difficult to see in this image. The red trace is the follow through after the shot is released.

While the Scatt records large amounts of data it is also very useful just to allow the coaches to see what is happening. Much of the advice given during the session relates back to this ability to see the shot develop. The recorded data allows us to review previous sessions and monitor progress.

Written by M Kettle on Sunday February 8, 2015
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