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Work Party Oct 2016

15 Oct 2016

Photo: Bonfire! It's not a work party without a bonfire. (click to enlarge)

Excellent session with lots of work completed.

Thanks to the following who turned out to make it all happen: Trevor Wilde, Sheena Wilde, Graham Rowcroft, Jim Newsome, Alex Newsome, George Christopherson, David White, John Chisholm, Malcolm Brain, Jim Howard, Richard Nichols, John Tadman, Andy Meyers, Jane Meyers, Elaine Kettle, Sam Kettle, Mike Kettle.

Mike Kettle and Sam Kettle marking out the car park

Jane in the car park undergrowth.
Sheena and Trevor about to tackle the indoor range.
John Chisholm, Malcolm Brain and David White (and others out of shot) tackling the outdoor range.
Andy in the car park undergrowth.
Written by Administrator on Sunday November 13, 2016
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