Dinner and Prizegiving 2009

20 Nov 2009

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Annual Dinner and Prizegiving

Held at The Wiremill on  20th November 2009

WINTER 2008/9

Sussex League Petworth Cup  25yd Div 6  'D' team win the cup and 5 medals

  • Marie Glazier, Sam Kettle, Jim Howard, Neil Hunt, Alan Lindsay

National RWS League   25yd  Div 25  – team medals to:

  • Jim and Callan Howard, Malcolm Brain, Geoff Gilbert , Mike Barlow

Best Average Medals to   

  • Mike Kettle 97.44 'A' team
  • Richard Nichols  94.44 'B' team

Polar Bear 50m Individual Certificate to:

  • Div 21  Hamish Wilson
  • Div 27  Jim Howard
  • Div 30  Certificate and prize - Neil Hunt

West Kent League

William of Wales Competition.  The following all receive badges

  • Class E    John Waples
  • Class C    Jim Howard
  • Class A    Tim Green – badge and medal

Other badges awarded are:

  • Class 'C' - Jim &  Callan Howard, Malcolm Brain, Jo Downing, Peter Watson, Geoff Gilbert, Mike Barlow
  • Class 'D' - Les & Marie Glazier

Any Sights League   Winners of Div '5' are East Grinstead 'A'  who receive medals:

  •     Tim Green, Jim Howard, John Waples, Mike Barlow

NSRA Eley Competition

    Silver medal for both air rifle and prone - Tim Green

    Silver medal and sticker for prone rifle - Callan Howard

    Silver medal and sticker for prone rifle - Jim Howard

    Gold medal and plaque for prone rifle - Graham Rowcroft


Polar Bear League 50 m

Div 3  'A' team came 2nd and get a certificate

  • Graham Rowcroft,  Mike Barlow,  Malcolm Brain

Div 6 'B' Team came 2nd and also get a certificate    

  • Jim Howard, Geoff Gilbert, John Waples

Croydon League

Winners Div 3 'B' team receive medals

  • Malcolm Brain, Charlie Bird, Callan Howard, Jo Downing, Alan Lindsay

Individual Silver Medal: 

  • Class 'C'  Peter Watson

Portslade and West Hove medals to

Winners    100 yds    

  • Div 10 - Graham Rowcroft
  • Div 17 - Ian Payne    

Sussex County Leagues

The following all receive medals

Winners    100 yds

  • Div 3        Mike Kettle
  • Div 4        Malcolm Brain

Winners    50 m

  • Div 5        Jeremy Allen
  • Div 7        Mike Barlow

Time Limit

  • Div 3       Graham Rowcroft

 25 yds

  • Div '3'    The 'B' Team
    • Richard Nichols, Nobby Humphrey, Callan Howard, Jeremy Allen, Mike Barlow

The Brading Cup for 2008 - Tim Green    

The Lodge Challenge Cup for 2008 - Malcolm Brain  for 50m/100yds (also 2009)    

For shooting for the Sussex County Reserves Team

  • A cloth badge goes to  Sam Kettle

East Grinstead Meridian League.  

  • Winner 100 yds, Div 1 - Graham Rowcroft 

Club Competitions 2008/09

Powell Trophy (Awarded to a non committee member who has made a significant contribution of his time)            Malcolm Jackson


The Chairman's Tankard:        Richard Nichols

who also won the Sussex Challenge Cup for 300/500/600yds with scores of 50.6,  50.6 & 49.4 – Avg 149.16


John Waples Tankard (most improved outdoors)  -  Winner: Jim Howard

Team of Three Competition

    Runners Up (each receives a medal):

  • Callan Howard,  Mike Kettle,  Charlie Bird

    Winners (each receives a medal):

  • Sam Kettle,  Graham Stevenson,  Bill Stockton

Joanna Parfitt Shield (Through the ranges 25., 50 & 100yds)

  • Runner Up - Geoff Gilbert
  • Winner - Malcolm Brain

Skinner Shield (Club handicap English match)

  • Runner Up (receives the tankard): - Tim Green
  • Winner (receives the shield): - Ian Payne  

Friendship Shield (Club knockout competition)

  • Runner Up (receives a medal): - Jo Downing   
  • Winner (receives the shield): - Graham Stevenson   

Air Rifle Trophy for the Winter Leagues

  • Winner:      Mark Wiles

Air Rifle Trophy for the Summer Leagues    

  • Winner:       Mark Wiles

Air Pistol Pot for the Winter Season
            Winner (receives the trophy and a certificate):    Malcolm Brain
Air Pistol Trophy for the Summer Season
            Winner (receives the trophy and a certificate):    Richard Nichols

City Tankard (Best average in City of London Leagues)
            Runner Up (receives a medal):    Richard Nichols   
            Winner:    David Britchford
Sussex Trophy (Best improver winter)
            Runner Up (receives a medal):    Marie Glazier     
            Winner (receives the trophy and  medal):    Sam Kettle     
Ton Cup (Winter Tons)    David Britchford

1st Ton Spoons

  • Malcolm Brain,
  • Charlie Bird,
  • Callan Howard,
  • Sam Kettle  

Sam is probably our youngest ever 1st Ton Winner
Ken Nichols Trophy

  • Runner Up:    Mike Kettle  receives the News of the World Certificate
  • Winner:    Tim Green

Junior Champion (Winter)

  • Winner:    Callan Howard 

The Gordon Edmunds Trophy ( overall best junior based on the Macrae handicap)        

  • Sam Kettle

Ladies Champion 

  • Runner Up (receives Daily Telegraph Certificate):    Jo Downing  
  • Winner (receives the trophy):    Sarah Collyer  

Club Champion Summer

  • Runner Up (receives News of the World Certificate):    Richard Nichols
  • Winner (receives the shield):    Tim Green  

Club Champion 

  • Runner Up (receives the News of the World Certificate):    Graham Rowcroft
  • Winner ( receives the 300 cup):    David Britchford