Outdoor Coaching 07 April 2018

07 Apr 2018

Written by Administrator on Saturday April 7, 2018


The session started with a briefing on the afternoons activities including:

  • safety
  • courses of fire
    • Double Dewar
    • English Match
    • Scottish Match
    • Each shoot has it's own specific rules
    • 20 minute details
  • sight adjustment for different ranges
    • Basic settings for 25y -> 50m and 50m -> 100y
    • Know your group size
    • Grouping and adjusting sights
    • Final zero point for each range
  • wind
    • Ignore it
    • Don't ignore it
    • (You had to be there to understand that one!)
  • Targets, target frames
    • 50m and 100yd Targets
    • Attaching targets to farmes
    • Scoring zones
    • Shots per diagram

This part went on for a bit longer than expected but this was due to the excellent questions being asked by the assembled throng!

 Practical Session

Eventually, this could not be put off any longer and everyone got their kit out and made their way down to the outdoor firing point.

First Detail

Putting the thoughts from the briefing session into practice!

Cards attached to frames, frames set out down the range, kit laid out on the firing point and off we went. Shoot enough rounds to get a group, adjust your centre, repeat until group is centred on the diagram.

Approximately 20 minutes later everyone seemed to have finished and, looking at the targets, quite a few people had achieved an initial zero for the range they were on.

Second Detail

Some shooters swapped ranges others stayed on the same range to finish setting thier zero.

This time it was made a little more authentic with some range orders and a 20 minute time limit. Some shooters carried on setting their zero, others treated it like a competition card with unlimited sighters and 20 shots to count.

Wrap Up

On completion we all assembled back in the clubroom. Everybody seemed to have enjoyed the event. Out of a group of 16 shooters it was apparent that most seemed to have achieved an initial zero for 50m and / or 100yd. Quite an achievement considering most of them had never shot outdoors before.

Overall a very good session and hopefully a few more people interested in shooting outdoor competitions and open shoots.