Winter Coaching 2017 / 2018

03 Mar 2018

Written by Administrator on Tuesday March 6, 2018

7th October

First session on went well with the following canidates attending:

  •     Michael Mepham, Five Ashes
  •     Hannah Mepham, Five Ashes
  •     John Hibbert, EGTSC
  •     Phil Woods, EGTSC

Several issues identified as follows:

Breathing. We all do it without thinking but doing it correctly as far as shooting is concerned takes practice. A very useful discussion was had on this topic.

Jacket. Get a proper shooting jacket. Good quality starter jackets are available for less than £100 (eg Gehmann Junior 409) and they really do make a huge difference to a new shooter.

Shooting Frames (Glasses). Need to be set up by a second person. Trying to do it yourself is extremely difficult.

 Zero Point and Sights.

    Rule #1 - Do not look through your sights until you are in position. Divert you gaze.
    Build your position, head on cheekpiece, relaxed, you have breathed in and out a couple of times, and you're happy that you are in "your" position. Now look through your sights.
    Rule #2 - See Rule #1
    Rule #3 - Now do it again without looking through your sights until you get to the end of that sequence.

Another good discussion was had on this topic and the reasons for doing it. See also Bert Bertoloni's arcticle on page 34-36 of the Autumn 2017 edition of On Target.

Shot Release. There were some interesting twitches spotted on the Scatt between the time the shooter decided that everything was OK and the actual time they squeezed the trigger. Definitely need some practice there.

4th November

The following canidates attended:

  • H Francis, EGTSC
  • T Wilde, EGTSC
  • J Hibbert, EGTSC

This session had both live and dry fire Scatt machines running, and some tweaking of individuals positions to raise the overall level of the rifle.

Position. It's useful to put the butt of the rifle in your shoulder while holding the butt itself rather than the pistol grip. Then you can feel exactly where it goes and ensure it's in the same place every time. If you cannot reach the butt, use the pistol grip but feel where the butt has gone to establish that it is in the same position every time.
Trigger. If possible, adjust your trigger so that:

  • excessive travel on first pressure is avoided.
  • your finger is square to the trigger after you have taken up first pressure.

9th December

The following canidates attended:

  • R Evans, EGTSC
  • J HIbbert, EGTSC
  • Justin Wells, Hampton
  • Mike Clarke, Hampton
  • Maureen Woods, Hampton
  • John Woods, Hampton
  • Hamish Wilson, Cuckfield

The both the dry and live fire Scatt machines were running and 6 coaches were available. The session tended to focus on position with checks on:

  • Position - adjusting for new jacket.
  • Poistion - Adjusting to relieve pain in left hand. Having resolved that issue the whole position was revised.
  • Position - effect of changes in position due to physical issues was reviewed on the Scatt. This led to a discussion on the possible options that need to be assessed.
  • Poistion - adjusting cheekpiece so that eye is correctly behind rear sight, foresight is centred in rear sight. This required a slight modification using a hacksaw so that the butt plate and cheek piece cleared each other.
  • The screenshot below shows what happens when something happens that you're not expecting and you loose your focus. Shots 1 to 6 in a nice tight group. Shots 7 and 8 are out of the group because the shooter started worrying about the left elbow and it touching the pistol grip. Shot 9 is better but still showing a residual lack of focus. Shot 10 (pink) is back in the group once the focus has been regained. Bert Bertoloni's article in the Winter 2017 edition of On Target is well worth a read on this subject.

3rd February

Full house for the afternoon. Candidates ranged from shooters with a few months experience through to A class shooters. Both Scatt machines were in operation upstairs and down showing some interesting issues which were identified and solutions suggested. Butt plate fitting, positional checks, and trigger adjustments were also undertaken.

Overall a very good session.

3rd March

The following canidates attended:

  • Sheila Pope, Burgess Hill
  • John Woods, Hampton
  • Keith Ballard, Burgess Hill
  • Dave Read, Burgess Hill
  • Chris Pearce, Burgess Hill

Five attendees at this session, including one LSR shooter. Some of the candidates were here for a second time and the Scatt showed that an improvement in technique had been achieved and also identified further areas for development. Scatt analysis also showed that one technique was being cut short by looking through the sights towards the end the final exhale of breath so there was a tendency for the zero pint not to be as good as it could be. This can affect overall scores.

A relatively novice shooter had position adjustments to improve overall position and stability.

The LSR shooter showed that Scatt works just as well in the standing position. A review of the LSR position also showed that an adjustable butt plate would improve consistency of placement of the butt plate in the shoulder and this should be reflected in improved scores.


That completes the winter coaching sessions. In addition to the detailed reviews and changes their were some definite improvements evidenced by those that returned for another session.