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The eShop has been updated. Full details available here.

Winter Coaching Sessions

Details available here.

New members

We are now accepting and welcoming new members! (See here)


All ranges are open as usual subject to booking a firing point. The booking system has updated to show all the sessions available until the end of November [Book appointment]

Book an appointment with EGTSC

Shooters wishing to shoot outdoors at both 50m and 100yds in the same visit are reminded to ONLY book for the 100yd session. The duty officer will organise the actual firing point allocations on the day.

See Calendar for details. [Link to Calendar / Duty Rota]

For those who have forgotten how the sessions are organised, here is the timetable we try to work to for each range on the days they are open.  [Link to Timetable]

Please Note:  This is a guide.  The Duty Officer has absolute control over the range and may, at their discretion, vary the timings to ensure the safe and effective operation of the range, should they feel that the situation warrants it.

Competitions Update (25/10/2021)

Summer Season 2021

The Summer season is over and we are now just waiting for the final results to be published.

As of 12 October we have received the following information regarding the coming season.

Winter Season 2021-22


Most of the Winter Season cards have now arrived and are available in your slots.


Entries for the Sussex Cup competitions have now closed, unless Linda badgers us to enter another team and Richard press-gangs some of you to make up the numbers.

West Kent will be running the 40th Annual Prince William of Wales (Individual & Pairs) competition during November and December. Entries need to be in NOW or before 1 November whichever comes first. Contact Jim or Richard directly if interested.

Entries for these Eastbourne Cup competitions are also available – entries close 24 November:

  • Individual Competitions:
    • Caffyn Cup – Open, self-handicap, 2 Stages + Final.
    • Cardwell Cup – Ladies, self-handicap, 2 Stages + Final.
    • Spain & Albury - 2 Stages + Final.
    • Spicer Cup - restricted to competitors with an average of 92 or below.
    • Veterans - (Over 60), 2 Stages + Final.
    • Winter 50m – 60 shots by 31 January + 60 shots by 31 March, Macrae handicap.
  • Team competitions:
    • Russell Cup - Club Team of 3, Knockout

If you have any questions about any of these competitions, your averages or eligibility, please contact a committee member for advice.

You can register your interest in taking part in one or more of these competitions from the comfort of your own home by using the online booking system OR if you prefer the old-school way, come down to the club and sign your name on a bit of paper on the wall.  Either way, you need to start thinking about your entries now.

Everybody hopes that the coming Winter season will signal the start of shooting getting back to ‘normal’, so if you want to do your bit to get things back the way they were, sign up and support the people and the leagues running the competitions.

The club has adopted a policy of supporting all our local leagues by entering at least one team (if possible) in all competitions.

Now that things are returning to normal, future competition updates will be published on the internal member's forum (here). Which is where they should have been in the first place. Covid has a lot to answer for!

If you do not have a login, please register for future posts. Any problems, give Mike a shout.

EGTSC Autumn Open Shoot – 50m English Match – 11th & 12th September

Report is available here.

Results are available here.

Eastbourne League Finals – 9th October

Report here.

Disability Hub

We try, and sometimes we succeed!
The club was never built with this in mind but we do now have a ramp up to the front door, level access to the air range, and disabled toilets.

NSRA Scorers Courses

Further details of the course are here.

The last course was on Sunday 22nd August.

If anyone is interested in attending a further course please let me know. I have interest from one club for a handful of their members and one other individual. So will be arranging another course shortly.

Covid19 secure procedures will be in place.

If you are interested in attending a course, please contact Mike Kettle.

Rifles for Sale

There are a few members rifles for sale, so if you are in the market for your own rifle, speak to Peter Watson who will be able to advise.

Club Classified Ads

The club uses Stirton.com for this purpose.