The club house has the following facilities:

  • Club equipment and member lockers are located in a fully alarmed armoury.
  • Access to Club House via purpose designed wheelchair ramp.
  • Indoor flushing toilets (male, female, and disabled)!
  • Central heating with radiators.
  • Canteen - manned full time during open shoots to provide the (in)famous Felbridge Bacon Butty!
  • Canteen - MSDC Food Hygiene Rating 5.
  • Car Park.
  • Snooker table - while you waiting for your go on the firing point.
  • Pool table - to keep the juniors off the snooker table.


Canteen - in "Open Shoot" mode.

MSDC Food Hygiene Rating 5.

On ordinary days it's DIY tea and coffee free of charge if you wash up after yourself. Otherwise a donation is required.

The club house is available for hire at reasonable rates. Contact the Secretary or Treasurer for details.