Sussex County Meeting June 2019

09 Jun 2019

Written by Administrator on Friday June 14, 2019

Close scores and slip ups at Sussex Meeting.

For the Sutton Gold Cup David White was just edged out of first place on countback having tied on 391 for the top slot. Malcolm Brain took 3rd place with a score of 390. This was his own doing as he would have beaten them both if he hadn't put up a cross shot and earned 2 penalty points.☹️ Andy Meyers came 6th on 388.

Although Linda Smallbone came second in the NSRA Jubilee Trophy (Leading lady in Sutton Gold Cup) she did win the trophy as first place was taken by Diane Russell from Kent.

For the Eastbourne NALGO Trophy Sam Kettle came 4th on 372, beating Elaine Kettle into 5th place on 363.

Comp 1 (50m), Class B was won by Sara Marshall (381), Class D was won by Elaine Kettle (379).

Comp 2 (100yd), Class A was won by David White (392), Class B was won by Sara Marshall (385), and Class D was won by Mike Levy (367). 

Comp 3 (Agg of 1 and 2), David White came 2nd in Class A (782). Class B was won by Sara Marshall (766), Paul Phillips came second (762) and Owen Capel came 3rd (756) making it a clean sweep for EGTSC.  In D Class, Elaine Kettle came 1st (745), Mike Levy came 2nd (740), and Marie Fetaherstone came 3rd (711) making it another clean sweep for EGTSC. 

Comp 5 (Juniors) was won by Charles White with a score of 769 despite giving himself a handicap by dropping his first sighter at 100yds into the first scoring diagram.

Comp 8 (Best card ex200). David White tied for first in A Class with a score of 199. Class B was won by Sara Matshall (195) with Paul Phillips taking 2nd (192). Elaine Kettle won D Class with a score of 192.

Comp 9 (Open Pairs). David and Charles White came 3rd on 1551 narrowly beating Malcolm Brain and Trevor Wilde into 4th on 1549. Andy Meyers and Mike Kettle came 6th on 1528. Just in front of Tim Green and Linda Smallbone on 1524.

Comp 10 (C&D Pairs). Elaine and Sam Kettle came 2nd on 1480 beating Graham Rowcroft and Marie Featherstone into 3rd on 1438.

Comp 11 (Team of Three). Won by David White, Andy Meyers and Linda Smallbone on 2328 with Malcolm Brain, Trevor Wilde and Tim Green coming 3rd on 2303.

Finally, Comp 12 (Sharpshooters). This year made a little more difficult by using 50m discs at 100yds! Won by Tim Green, Trevor Wilde and Marie Featherstone beating David White, Charles White and Sam Kettle.

Overall a very good turnout by EGTSC members.

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