Meet the Committee

Written by Administrator on Friday June 22, 2018

A brief summary of the committee and others that help to run the club.


All Committee members are available for advice and help on training, shooter development and day-to-day Club management and facility matters.

Volunteers always welcome to assist the committee in running the club. If you fancy any of the bullet points shown below or think you have one of your own that would be useful please contact one of the committee.

Qualifications. Club Coaches and Instructors are registered and qualified to NSRA requirements, and have been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
Range Conducting Officers (RCOs) meet NSRA requirements.

Richard Nichols
  • Vice President
  • Match Secretary
  • Full Bore Representative
  • NSRA Class C Scorer
  • Supplier of winding gear string
  • Supplier of chocolate etc
Graham Rowcroft
  • Chairman
  • Club FAC Holder
  • NSRA Club Coach
  • NSRA Class C Scorer
  • Sussex Smallbore RCO Instructor
  • Open Shoot Marker(*)
  • Gutter cleaning & Maintenance
  • Drains cleaning & Maintenance
  • Duckboard Maintenance
  • Club Plumber
Jim Howard
  • Secretary
  • Stats Officer
  • NSRA Class C Scorer
  • Digital Daybook Developer
Mike Kettle
  • Treasurer
  • EasyFundRaising Administrator
  • NSRA Club Coach, 
  • SCATT Operator
  • NSRA Class A Scorer
    • Sussex Div 2 Local Scorer
    • Sussex Air Pistol Local Scorer
  • Local Scoring Supervisor
  • NSRA Scoring Course Instructor
  • Open Shoot Organiser
  • Open Shoot Marker(*)
  • Webmaster
  • Facebook Administrator
  • Orange Drizzle Cake Maker
  • Leaf Vacuum operator
  • Car Park Line Marker

Tim Green
  • Rifle Captain
  • Club Cleaner
Graham Stevenson
  • Rifle Vice-Captain

Malcolm Brain

  • NSRA Club Coach
  • SCATT Operator
  • NSRA Class C Scorer
  • Open Shoot Marker(*)
  • Winding Gear Mender
Peter Watson
  • Club Armourer
  • Winding gear mender
David White
  • NSRA Club Instructor
  • NSRA Class C Scorer
  • Local Scoring Coordinator

Marie Featherstone

  • Child Protection Officer

Non Committee Posts

Nobby Humphrey

  • Duty Officer
John Chisholm
  • Duty Officer

Chris Phillips

  • Duty Officer

Greg Waples

  • Duty Officer

Mike Levy

  • Duty Officer

Trevor Wilde

  • Duty Officer

Phil Wood

  • Duty Officer

Jazz Collyer

  • Duty Officer

Samantha Kettle

  • Duty Officer
  • OS Scorer(*)
  • OS Target Runner

Elaine Kettle

  • Trophy Co-ordinator
  • Facebook editor
  • Food Hygiene Rating Advisor
  • No 1 Bacon Buyer and Fryer
  • Lemon Drizzle Cake Maker
Mike Barlow
  • Promotional Advisor
Margaret Allday
  • Liaison Officer for Pony Club air range use and parental supervision.
John Tadman
  • NSRA Class C Scorer

Katie Kettle
  • OS Scorer(*)
  • OS Target Runner
  • Club Historian

(*) OS Marker - Scores the cards, OS Scorer - Enters scores and produces results.