Performance Club

Our Club has recently been recognised by our governing body the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) as a ‘Performance Club’.  This means that the Club has an ethos of competition and shooter development. It confirms the Club has good facilities appropriate to International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) Disciplines, a good level of equipment available for use, provides opportunities to compete in County and National level competitions, has qualified instructors and coaches and will be connected to other organisation involved in the Performance Pathway for shooters of all abilities and gender.

We are very pleased to get this recognition and hope to continue to improve the Club’s delivery of training and the enjoyment of target shooting.


The club continues to promote excellence in smallbore rifle shooting. In order to assist with this aim the club has various members qualified to assist shooters ranging from beginner through to experienced.

All Club Instructors and Club Coaches are DBS checked.

Club Instructors

Club Instructors undergo a National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) course. The Club Instructor provides the initial instruction to new members to provide them with the right clothing and equipment from club stock to enable them to gain the best from their early shooting. Having identified the equipment the Instructor works with the shooter to undertake the basic adjustments to the sling and rifle to enable the shooter to understand and establish a stable position, which provides the basis of consistent shooting.

The following members are fully qualified NSRA Club Instructors:

  • David White
  • Jim Howard
  • Marie Featherstone
  • Grant Featherstone
  • Robin Evans, and
  • Jeremy Allen

Once the basic stable shooting position (the outer position) is established it is difficlut to see from simple observation of the shooter which elements of their technique need attention. This requires a better understanding of shooting technique and analysis of areas of technique that need attention. Enter the Club Coach.

Club Coaches

Club Coaches undergo one of two courses. For .22 disciplines there is a further two day National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) course. For Pistol disciplines there is the International Shooting Sports Federation ISSF D three day course which provides a Regional Coach qualification.

These courses provides coaches with the ability to evaluate shooters and their technique (the inner position), offer advice on improving particular areas of technique, and provide exercises that can be used to measure and record progress and improvement. In order to keep their knowledege up to date refresher courses are held every five years to maintain coaching standards.

The club coaches also have regular contact with regional coaches through the South East Regional Rifle Squad.

The following members are fully qualified NSRA Club Coaches:

  • Malcolm Brain (NSRA)
  • Mike Kettle (NSRA)

SCATT Shooter Training

The club also has two SCATT Shooter Training Systems. Essentially, the SCATT system is a sensor which is clipped to the barrell of the rifle and some software that records just about everything apart from your inside leg measurement! During the session the point of aim is traced out in real time on a screen so the coach can review the shooters technique. As the session is recorded it is possible to playback any or all of it as part of the analysis to demonstrate particular aspects of the technique. This also directly helps the shooter to understand the inner position and how it affects their technique.

Very useful article here. Also includes link to "Working with Scatt" document.

Scatt & Coaching Sessions

Planned sessions are listed on the home page. If you would like to try a Scatt session and see what it can do for you please contact us.