Event Date: 
Saturday, 11 September 2021

First post Covid open shoot! As expected, entry was limited but enthusiastic. Finally ending up with 14 competitors of which one had to cancel as he'd been called up to shoot for his school.

The weather was ideal all weekend so new excuses had to be used. The best we heard was that it was because of the new duckboards.!

There were a couple of issues on Saturday. Helped move a prescription lens from a fullbore rifle to a smallbore rifle (thanks Peter). Also, a missing scope was replaced with a club scope but in the end we reallocated the detail so that the competitor could shoot later with their own scope.

Sunday was altogether quieter with a bit of assistance supplied to a competitor to get their kit onto the point and targets on the frames.

Class A behaved themselves reasonably well with David White getting the top slot with 589 and also beating his son in the process. Entry numbers were heavily loaded in East Grinstead's favour but Class B went to Keith Ballard from Burgess Hill TSC with 561.

Despite Class C only having two entries they fought it out well with scores tied at 568 and having to be broken by countback!

Apart from the remains of covid, this year we clashed with the new regional finals for NSRA and ESSU. Two of our members made the trip to NSRA finals, one to shoot, one providing support. Hopefully next year entry numbers will return to near normal.

Full results available here.