Subdued Mood but Good Shooting!

Like everyone else we were deeply sadddened by the death of the Queen and our thoughts went out to the royal family. Having taken advice from the NSRA we continued with the English Match. Also, competitors were given the option to withdraw with their entry fees being refunded. There was also a bit of additional organisation as we followed newsfeeds to try to find out when the flag should be at half mast (for The Queen) and when it should be at full mast (for The King). In the end our reporter attended the proclamation at the Town Council Offices and phoned through to let us know when the proclamation for East Grinstead was finished and we duly raised the flag!

While the number of entries was higher than last year, they were still less than pre-Covid levels. Some regular competitors couldn't make it but some new faces appeared at the club along with some friends from previous years. Class A looked like it would be interesting with several notable candidates going up against some of East Grinstead's top shots.

The weather was reasonable although there was a concern one morning with a fairly heavy mist being present as we prepared to head to the range. Luckily it cleared before shooting began! Otherwise, the weather was generally OK with occasional flurries giving pause for thought on a few occasions!

Class A winner was Nick Mullins on 589 having edged out Chris Ingram on countback. Full results are available here.

There was also a reasonable trade in bacon rolls, homemade cake, and hot drinks. Many thanks to everyone that helped organise / run the shoot.


Not really feedback but didn't know where else to put it.

During the weekend there were quite a few conversations regarding The Queen and what she meant to various people. I was suprised at how much The Queen's passing affected me. I guess she had always been a presence in my life. Being part of, or just overhearing other conversations, made a big difference to me. Thank you to everyone that attended the shoot either as staff or competitors.


Long live The King! (Photo: M Kettle)

Bit of a misty start (Photo: M Kettle)

(Report: M Kettle)