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March 2018 Competitions Update

With a couple of results still to be published.

Sussex County Cup Competitions

The Sussex County Finals will take place on Saturday 14th April at East Grinstead.  
At the time of writing, the following club members have qualified to take part:

Hardy Roberts(Veterans Individual):  Malcolm Brain & Peter Watson

Horrill Trophy:  Richard Nichols & Mike Kettle

Winter Coaching 2017 / 2018

7th October

First session on went well with the following canidates attending:

  •     Michael Mepham, Five Ashes
  •     Hannah Mepham, Five Ashes
  •     John Hibbert, EGTSC
  •     Phil Woods, EGTSC

Several issues identified as follows:

Breathing. We all do it without thinking but doing it correctly as far as shooting is concerned takes practice. A very useful discussion was had on this topic.

Air Range Upgrade 2017

Existing Setup

The existing setup has 4 firing points with two Rika target changers that are about 25 years old and two others that date back to the early 1980's. The other two older units have been repaired on several occasions and the switches are getting dodgy again. We also have to dismantle and reassemble this setup 5 times a year when we use the air range as the marking room for open shoots and as additional space during the Christmas shoot.

English Match 2017

(Photo Courtesy of Elaine Kettle: Note the variation in the wind flags!)

Nick wins the Day

Nick Mullins (5th Sussex HG) managed to master the variable conditions and came out top in A Class with a magnificent score of 594 ex 600. The threatened wind and rain just about held off until after shooting finished on both days but that didn't mean the conditions were easy.